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What is better: a soft or firm mattress?

When the slatted frame becomes a hammock

Where does this strange statement with the board in bed come from? In defense of orthopedic or other medical professionals giving such advice: 30 years ago, that was still a good idea.

At that time there were innerspring mattresses of the simplest type (please do not confuse with the pocket spring core) and under springs similar to a hammock.

It hung through and stretched the spine, which then led to back pain. This can happen today if the mattress is "through" or the slatted frame is over 15 years old. With cheap slatted frames (up to 150$) this can happen much earlier.

Is a firm mattress healthier?

NO! Under no circumstance! A firm mattress puts pressure on joints, vessels, and musculature out in the long term for health damages. Visit our website and Learn more about mattress technology at

If - as described above - your bedding is inferior, back pain due to lack of support occur. The tighter you are now, the less back problems. But in the long term, there will be joint damage.

Is a soft mattress healthier?

Yes, if in the right places the necessary support is given anyway. Today, almost every mattress has zones. This is mainly about the shoulder, waist, and hip zone.

How the zones should be equipped depends on body shape. Since each person is different in his proportions, the zones must fit like a tailored suit.

If the spine is straight in a lateral position, it does not matter how far the individual areas sink in, there will be no back pain either.

The softer, the less pressure - therefore, is soft healthier ... But only if the mattress fits!

What is good for back pain now?

That's easy: The mattress has to be tailor-made for you. The spine must be individually well and there must not be too much pressure. Pay no attention to the hardness and let yourself be advised.

Does the slatted frame also play a role?

A decisive even! If you have too old a slatted frame, hang in your sleep; the slatted frame does not fit the mattress, change the lying quality significantly and if the slatted frame is too tight, too much pressure will be exerted.