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Know all different types of mattresses:

The term mattress derives from Arabic and means "to settle on". The first mattresses were, in fact, simple sacks, stuffed with feathers, straw, wool or other soft materials on which they rested to rest.

Modern mattresses, on the other hand, can be divided into various types and can consist of springs covered with layers of various materials, or latex mattresses made entirely of latex rubber or can be in memory.

The mattresses can still be distinguished in orthopedic mattresses, which are the most rigid mattresses and are always with springs and "ergonomic" mattresses that are able to shape themselves and follow the curves of the body.

Among the ergonomic mattresses, we find 100% natural latex mattresses and memory mattresses.

Different kinds of mattresses:

•    Spring mattresses

•    Pocket spring mattresses

•    Memory mattresses

•    Latex mattresses

•    Orthopedic mattresses

•    Zone mattresses

•    Mattresses on offer

•    Hypoallergenic mattresses

Spring mattresses:

If the quality of the spring is fundamental for the functionality and durability of a mattress also The number of mattress springs is a parameter that should not be underestimated in its choice; first of all, because it affects its rigidity.

Mattresses with a smaller or greater number of springs do not have rigidity equal to that of a mattress with 700/800 springs (if the springs are smaller in number, the mattress will not be sufficiently rigid, vice versa, if in a greater number, it will inevitably have to be reduced the size of their diameter and therefore the resistance they are able to offer.

The independent bagged springs used by springs in galvanized and tempered steel (at least 2 mm thick) individually packed (in non-woven bags where the springs are inserted).

Bagging allows each spring to move freely (as above so below) based on body weight allowing the spring to follow our spine perfectly.

Memory mattresses:

What is the difference between a traditional mattress, for example, a spring mattress, and the modern memory mattresses?

Resting on memory foam mattresses, you will receive a much lower push than on a normal mattress. This thrust is only 30% of body weight.

This allows you to lay the body almost perfectly on the mattress, avoiding pressure points and thus favoring lymphatic and blood circulation.

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